Language Learning

Gale Courses

by Gale / Cengage

Gale Courses offers online courses in computer skills, personal enrichment, medical, financial, and more.

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Gale Courses - Languages

by Gale / Cengage

Gale Courses offers online courses in many subjects including language learning in Spanish, ESL, Italian, Japanese, and Sign Language.

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Mango Languages

An interactive language learning system offering everyday conversational skills; beginning and advanced student coursework; and ESL courses. Register with a valid email or use Mango as a guest.

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A fun and interactive way for children to learn new languages. Requires Adobe Flash to be enabled in your browser.

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Read It!


Short, nonfiction articles for adults who want to build their English reading skills. Topics include history, civics, citizenship requirements, life skills, science and more. The articles can be translated into 35 languages and have a "Read Out Loud" text to speech tool.

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Rosetta Stone


An interactive and immersive language-learning program available in nearly 30 different languages with over 200 hours of instruction per language.

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